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VIP - Chairman and Members - Panchayat Union Block

Periyakulam Panchayat Union Block

Panchayat Union Block Council Chairman

M. Chellamuthu - AIADMK

Council Members

Ward No1 - M. Sekar - AIADMK
Ward No2 - R. Supriya - AIADMK
Ward No3 - L. M. Pandian - DMK
Ward No4 - R. Rathinam - AIADMK
Ward No5 - S. Murugan - AIADMK
Ward No6 - T. Subramani - AIADMK
Ward No7 - M. Nagarathinam - AIADMK
Ward No8 - G. Pandi - AIADMK
Ward No9 - R. Lakshmanan - Independent
Ward No10 - S. Nagajothi - Independent
Ward No11 - R. Leelavathy - AIADMK
Ward No12 - C. Saravanan - DMK
Ward No13 - D. Chellamani - Independent
Ward No14 - K. Sendrayan - AIADMK
Ward No15 - N. Ganesan - AIADMK
Ward No16 - M. Chellamuthu - AIADMK -Chairman

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Selvi J. Jayalalitha(13-04-2012)

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