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Friends of Police in Theni District

Recognizing the need for an interaction between Police and Public for effective prevention and detection of crimes, "Friends of Police" (FOP) were formed. FOP provides opportunities for the ordinary citizen to contribute to crime prevention. Any member of the Public, male or female, who is not involved in a civil or criminal case can become a member of FOP.

The members of FOP can provide useful information leading to solving of crimes. FOP member can also act as a check on any abuse of Police power because of easy accessibility to a Senior Police Officer.

Role of FOP

1. Beats and night Patrols

2. Assistance in Traffic

3. Crime Prevention

4. Intelligence Work

5. Bandobust Work

6. Assistance in Law and Order Maintenance

7. Involvement in Prohibition Work.

Friends of Police movement has been found helpful in creating channels for receiving the right information at the right time. It can also help police in correcting its negative image in the minds of the public. It can impart fairness, transparency and impartiality in the working of police. FOP is effectively functioning in Theni district since last ten years.

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