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Women Helpline in Theni District

The Government of Tamilnadu has launched a new scheme to aid women in distress. "Women Helpline" Units have been ordered to be opened throughout the state. Today "Women Helpline Units" are functioning in most districts of Tamilnadu. Women Police provide prompt help round the clock to women in distress in these "Women Helpline Units".

Helpline Ideals

1. Render help with compassion.

2. Upliftment of Women and Children.

3. Provide relief to victims.

4. Provide legal advice to women in distress.

5. Provide self confidence to insecure women.

6. Rehabilitate Women Criminals.

Helpline - Areas of Concern

1. Dowry Harassment

2. Domestic violence / Problems by in-laws

3. Alcoholic spouses

4. Prostitution

5. Sexual harassment

6. Problems related to love affairs

7. Problems related to promiscuity

8. Female infanticide

9. Problems arising out of Bigamy

10. Street fights

11. Missing Girls/Children

12. Child Harassment

Activities of some Women Helpline units

Women Helpline Control Room functions round the clock to attend to distress calls. Women & Children in distress may contact the Women Helpline Control Room at Telephone 1091 & 1098 respectively which are toll free throughout the state. Women Helpline has a counseling centre with professional counselors attached to it.

Women Helpline Unit in Theni District

1. Women Police Station, Theni.

2. Women Police Station, Aundipatti.

3. Women Police Station, Bodinaickanur.

4. Women Police Station, Uthamapalayam.

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